Traverse City Landscaping

Landscaping truckWe take a great deal of pride in making your lawn the best!

We always work directly with the homeowner to pick the right mulch, plants, shrubs and flowers to make their yard come to life. Curb appeal is always at the top of our minds and we want your lawn to be something you can be proud of and represents your style and home the best it can.

When we start a project we always put down a weed screen that will help keep about 90% of the weeds out of any flower beds.

We proceed to dispense mulch or ground cover of your choice followed by the trees or shrubs and add fertilizer. After that is taken care of, we give you the correct watering instructions to ensure many years of beautiful flowers and plant beds.

We know all too well that summers are short here in the Grand Traverse Region and you need to enjoy it as much as possible. So let us handle all your landscaping needs and enjoy the sun and weather here in Northern Michigan.

Landscaping has a wide range of services that can be provided. 

Luckily, at Ground Level Landscaping and Irrigation we have the ability and the equipment to cover all those different approaches to your landscape ideas and needs.  Anywhere from working with the removal of trees to replanting with flower beds and shrub beds. 

We have the capability to remove large plantations of beds with our equipment and replace or move in a different direction.

We can also put in any kind or style of Irrigation for a new yard or to revive an existing yard.  Or, if you are more a do-it-yourself / hands-on type of person, then we can come in and take care of the large or heavy items before turning you loose on your yard. You put the finishing touches on your project. We take pride in working with the home owner and bringing to life a quality landscape idea.