Space is Filling Up—Book Our Land Clearing & Light Excavation Services Now

February 4, 2018, 12:00 am

Northern Michigan WinterIt’s a brand new year when people plan their lives right into December. But that doesn’t mean they stick with their goals. If your garden or yard is embarrassing, or worse—the city has sent you a notice—it’s time to landscape and shape your outdoor area. But it can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? First, book an appointment with our land clearing and light excavation services.

There are many tasks to do if you own more than a half acre of land. Often, the first chore is to clear out old masses of rocks, debris, or shrubs or flower beds. Your yard may also have many overgrown trees or bushes that you haven’t tackled yet.

One of the main problems with clearing your property is that it can reveal problems in your yard. When you hire the professionals, we can ensure that the excavation is done properly, and to not dig out what we shouldn’t—city drainage, pipes, electrical, irritation, etc. We can also advise if there are any issues pertaining to your yard.

Why You Need to Winterize your Sprinkler System

August 28, 2017, 12:00 am

During the winter season the weather gets colder thus can freeze the water pipes. The water which is in the water pipes will swell and crack the pipes or break the walls of the pipe. When water freezes in the back flow assembly, the inside parts or components will get damaged and perhaps crack as well.

Because of this, it is very essential to winterize your sprinkler system or irrigation. It seems relatively easy and simple at first glance. The main intention is to get water out of the pipes.

There are two important methods to get rid of all water from the water pipes and sprinklers, therefore frozen water will not rapture the water pipes. You can select to drain the water out in drain valves, or blow the water out with use of air. Sounds simple but actually, it is not.

On the other hand, there’s a bit more that is involved. Once you live in a colder climate, you will have to ensure the mainline shut off regulator is resistant or freeze proof. Meaning it requires to be secured from freezing so it will not rapture or break when it comes time to utilize it.

As far as the techniques of getting rid of water, both ways have their own pros and cons. When you decide to utilize valves to draw off water, they will require being setup at every low point in the water piping, and you’ll need to be out there manually opening the valve when you utilize the manual system. Auto-drain valves open themselves every time the pressure drops too low in the water pipe; however they have an issue of keeping closed once they have not had an opportunity to open more often than not.

This is the reason why a lot of irrigation systems opt for the blow-out method. With the assistance of a huge air compressor, the water is blown out of the water pipes so they will not be harmed during the cold season. There is many things that could go wrong with this approach. On the other hand, this is why it’s extremely
recommended that experts carry out this method.

The blow out technique is not a DIY approach or project which homeowners must try to carry out. One small mistake with this approach and you’ll no longer have a functioning sprinkler system in your lawn. When you are thinking about blowing water out of the water pipes, contact an expert like Ground Level Landscaping & Irrigation to service you.

What are the Best Ground Covers for my Garden?

July 23, 2017, 12:00 am

There are instances when a homeowner needs a fast growing kind of plant for covering bare soil on an angled bank or in beds. Maybe you have just begun a new permanent bed project, and are looking for a way
to fill in the exposed spots until the perennials have reached their mature development.

Areas of exposed ground can be changed fast with a low growing plant. Exposed or bare soil is like a magnet for weeds that when allowed, could become established and set seed fast. On banks, solid erosion is
a serious issue from rain and wind. Planting in these locations with cover plants not just addresses these two possible issues however makes yards more attractive.

Types of Ground Covers Available

Variegated Perinwinkle: One of the best options of cover plants for huge areas which requires vigorous and fast growing ground covers. With its green and white perennial leaves as well as amazing flowers,
it does require to be sited with care as it will spread fast. Long shoots develop almost overnight as well as re-root once they reach the soil. These plants grow well in shade where the spotted foliage adds a sunlight touch. However, this could become persistent fast when not controlled.

Serbian bellflower: this is also a good ground cover. With bunches of lavender-blue star shaped flowers, this is really amazing. This spreads through underground runners, therefore you should not put this
plant where it can overwhelm less vigorous plants.

Blue Catmint: This is also an ground cover to consider because of the fact that it grows fast. It has perfumed foliage of tiny silvery gray leaves as well as sprays of lavender blue flowers. This plant does prefer sunlight, on the other hand will also tolerate some shade. Blue Catmint must be situated where in could climb over the corners of a raised bed or an edge a ways where its smell can be released.

Prostrate junipers like the Blue Carpet are an amazing option for ground covers. They have spreading ground-hugging limbs and twigs that are covered with blue-silver leaves that look like needle. This plant will grow in virtually any weather conditions, and is specifically ideal for planting on slopes as well as banks.

Spreading roses: This ground cover is very valuable as well as an attractive way to cover huge areas of land. With lots of beautiful flowers, these plants form a flat carpet which looks amazing most of all in the sunny weather. The long spiky stems quickly spread so planting these where you like to control the erosion is smart. A lot of new types of blanketing or spreading roses are very hardy and trouble free. They look specifically good tumbling over a retaining wall or trailing down sloped area. A lot of varieties are on hand, in shades that range from white and pinks to vivid reds and peach.

Choose any of the above mentioned ground covers for weed control, soil stabilization or for amazing landscape design without too much effort.

Why Have a Retaining Wall Built by a Professional?

June 26, 2017, 12:00 am

Traverse City Retaining WallThe time has come to install a retaining wall. Your once amazing and strong backyard has fallen victim of flood or erosion. Maybe your home sits on an angle or slope or you reside in a place that is prone to mud slides, flooding or standing water. If any of these suit your condition, then a retaining wall is perhaps the best option.

Now that you have decided to tackle the project, you might try to install it yourself. While it looks like the simple and cheap answer, installing a retaining wall is intended for an expert and professional. Perhaps an expert like Ground Level Landscaping & Irrigation who has skill and years of experience in this kind of

Poorly instead retaining walls could rupture and under the right condition, your house will suffer and lose worth. Not only do you need an expert for this reason, installing a retaining wall can be a demanding task. The stones are extremely heavy, the job is daunting and time consuming, the materials and tools required are costly, and you might also find the task to be more complicated than what you originally thought.

Retaining Wall in woodsA retaining wall has specific pieces of construction which require meeting particular specifications. Depending on your case, your retaining wall requires meeting specific guidelines. Like for example, walls require to be at least 3 feet high and over 3 feet long. When your home is prone to erosion, you will require a longer, taller wall.

Still if you are skeptical and feel you can save time and money by a DIY job ask yourself some essential questions such as:

  • Are your certified and licensed
  • Are your insured and have years of experience in this kind of job?
  • Do you have the latest and proper tools to complete the job fast and precisely?
  • Are you totally uniformed of zoning codes and laws in your area?

If you can answer no to any of the questions above, then you must definitely consider getting the service of an expert to install your retaining wall.

You have to keep in mind that retaining walls are intended for functionality. These are also intended to control erosion, hold in huge amounts of soil as well as often times keep a foundation from sliding.

If not installed in a right way, your uninsured work or job may become a huge disaster. Getting the service of an expert is indeed a smart and cost-effective option and most of all Ground Level Landscaping will not just make sure a job done right and fast, but will keep your property looking beautiful as well as attractive.

The National Cherry Festival July 1-8th 2017

June 17, 2017, 12:00 am

The National Cherry Festival is 2 weeks away and everyong is gearing up for the festivities. 

The Festival takes place in Traverse City, Michigan, a place where most of our clients reside.

Although many of the events take place at the Open Space (near the corner of Union Street and Grandview Parkway) there are multiple locations across town.  The fesitval events include multiple concerts including, Vanilla Ice, Mark Farner, Here Come the Mummies, Shinedown & REO Speedwagon.  There are also many family friendly events such as the Meijer Festival of Races 5K, the Cherry Royale Parade & Ultimate Air Dogs. 

For those that live in the area, there are many opportunities to volunteer, sponsor and get involved in this iconic event.  The Cherry Festival also encourages Volunteer Teams, which is any group of four or more individuals from local companies, civic/service groups, churches, and clubs that wish to volunteer together. It’s a fun way to build relationships within the organization you are a part of and the community. 

As always, our staff looks forward to this year's week long event. We will be open and working as well the entire Cherry Festival week. 

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