Ground Level Landscaping and Irrigation providing services to the Traverse City and surrounding areas.

Our services include:

  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Renovation of existing yards
  • Lot clearing
  • Rototilling
  • Land grading
  • Hydoseeding/sod
  • Field mowing
  • Sprinkler & irrigation installs, design and repair
  • Winterizing irrigation systems

We can even build an irrigation system that provides water for your yard from a lake, pond, or any above ground water source. 

We always make excellent recommendations from mulch to flower beds to create the yard you have always dreamed of.

This is an area where I love to work with the home owner and show many different examples and colors of mulch to help set that curb appeal off around your home or the beds.  Mulch has a lot of different purposes as a natural pest control, drought regulatory, a back ground for the plantings or a product to use by itself to really stand out from the walk ways or driveways.   

With a mid-size tractor we have the ability of moving a large amount of dirt in a short time in those confined areas.  This will not just help you enjoy the summer months but will save on the pocket book as well.  With other attachments like a Rototiller is a very important factor in helping with the home owner.  Chewing up that garden or feed plot is quite important each year to bring the nutrients to the top and so the crop may feed on those nutrients and bring in a healthy and robust crop.        

A power rake is a very complex piece of machinery that can be used in many various ways. It is a very good product that can be used on any size or length of gravel driveways or roads to take care of all those pesky potholes that pop up after the winter and those hard rain storms.  Also, it is a very important part of putting in those new yards.  It can strip the layer of old and infected grass off of the dirt to get ready for planting and it does a superb job of levelling any type of dirt to get it ready for seeding or SOD.  

When everything is accomplished, then it is time for the post holes and/or trees.  At Ground Level Landscaping we have a post hole digger with either 12" or 30" bit to dig down in the yard or pasture to plant those posts or trees to make your yard look homey. If you have a large lot and only mow partial well then you can call us and with a 72" bush hog mower we can make quick and affordable work of that overgrown  field.  Believe it or not that is very important to the health of your yard.  In an over grown field that is connected to your yard weeds and other invasive seedlings can make their way into your yard and either kill it off or harm in many ways.  So keep a field that is adjastent to your yard "knocked down" is important to your yard to keep it healthy and green for many years to come.