Excavating & Tree Removal

Ready to build your dream home?

There are many trees in the way for the excavator which Ground Level Landscaping & Irrigation can take care of for you. We can remove all of the unwanted trees and keep the ones you may want to grow with your family. 

We do not like to cut down any extra trees than necessary because most of them are beautiful and they help the environment. 

Or perhaps there are trees that you want to see through and not cut them down.  This is what we call "view-clearing" and it is a easy and simple process.  When you are ready to view or clear a lot for that dream home give us a call and we will walk around the lot with you, then make a plan for your new home... see the wildlife... or a view with out losing your privacy.

With trees, stumps and rocks in the way of progress, it is hard to imagine how building sites get such a manicured look. Ground Level landscaping and Irrigation has been clearing lots for many years. We are fast, efficient, and thorough at clearing even the roughest lots.