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Rototilling Services

rototiller There is a reason farmers in Traverse City plow their fields every spring, and that is to turn the dirt.

When plants and shrubs use up all the nutrients on the top 6" of the ground, we use the rototiller to turn over the dirt and bring those vital nutrients to the top for the next growing year.

Our equipment includes a 72" wide rototiller that can efficiently turn the dirt in your garden to keep your gardening expenses down. If you want to install a whole new yard our rototiller can chop up the old yard into re-useable dirt for the new seed planting. We recommend a rototilling to our customers simply because it is the best way to keep your plant's roots in nutritious soil.

Rotor tilling is a very important service we provide here at Ground level Landscaping and Irrigation for your garden or feed plot.  We can also rototill the yard if we are putting in a new yard. 

Why is it so important? 

When you chew up the current grasses or dirt all the nutrients from the previous year are used up.  Rotor tilling will bring those good nutrients closer to the surface so your items in your garden will have plenty to eat all summer long. 

Same is true in your feed plot.  If you have an area for a feed plot for deer or any other hunted animal the same will apply so the grasses that are planted will have food to snack on all year along. 

For a new yard after we kill off the native grass we rototill the area to get to that perfect seed to dirt ratio, or contact, which is extremely important along with water and fertilizers for that new and robust yard to come in and enjoy for years to come.

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