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Landscaping & Irrigation Services

Irrigation and landscape design has always been my passion

With 20+ years of experience in landscape design and irrigation installation. We have the knowledge and tools to get your job done right the first time! 

With a great deal of pride that we put in at every project our attitude here at  [pics-truck], Ground Level Landscaping does each and every project like it is our own.  We always welcome the opportunity to work with the homeowner on the different shapes and styles of trees, plants, shrubs, and even the ground cover to help set off the accent of your home or project so you can enjoy them with many years to come. 

Ground cover is a huge part of your accents.  Colors and even styles of the mulch or stone that will lay in the beds have an effect on how it will help and or protect the plants or shrubs that are placed in the beds for that "Better Homes and Gardens" look.  As well, it can protect from weeds, drought, or even help keep insects from invading the plantation.

Irrigation Services.   Irrigation systems can be a very complex or a very simple design to get the full effect of the water that needs for the beds or even for the homeowner. Our systems that we install are very user-friendly and many times a simple fix can be just a phone call away to keep your system up and running without an expensive service call.  We here at Ground level Landscaping with many years of experience have the ability to install all makes and models as well as service them.  We have Toro, Rain-bird, K-rain, and even Hunter at our disposal.  After a new install, we always make a service call or two in the next few weeks to make any necessary adjustments and make sure it is performing to the manufactured specs. And of course, this is a FREE charge to the property owner.

When all the dust has settled on another Northern Michigan Summer, Winterization is a must to protect your investment over the course of the northern Michigan harsh winters. With pressurized air we get all the remaining water out of the line, heads and the back flow so there will be no damaged come spring time when it is time to start the watering process again.  Come Springtime a start-up is very important to make sure there are no leaks. We make sure all heads are adjusted properly and make sure the water times are at the correct intervals to ensure your system works at peak performance.

We offer free estimates on any landscaping or irrigation project.

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