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How to care for your new lawn

Often times after Ground Level Landscaping & Irrigation installs a new lawn, customers ask us "how do we maintain it?". 

To maintain a lawn you must know how to properly take care of it which includes incorporating different mowing strategies.

Mowing in opposite directions (criss-cross) is a great way to keep grass growing straight. The first week, mow north to south, then the next, east to west. You may find you can work 2-4 different patterns into your lawn. Doing so makes your lawn look great, adding curb appeal as well as keeping your grass healthy. 

Also, be careful not to mow the lawn too short or put the blade down too far. Cutting the lawn too short may result in unhealthy grass. If too short, the roots have direct contact with the sunlight, and this may dry out grass and make it appear brown or beige in color. Sharp blades also work best. 

If you do not have the tools or time to maintain your lawn, please ask me for recommendations on local lawn service providers. Ground Level Landscaping is fortunate to work with many lawncare providers throughout Grand Traverse, Benzie & Leelanau Counties. 



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